Global Support


Established in the UK, NCM currently is operational throughout the UK and Eire.

Well established in the UK, client demand is pressing our business model onto the EU marketplace and others. Addressing these opportunities requires a different approach which is a combination of our traditional in-house delivery model coupled with alliance partners to provide scope of coverage required by our clients.

This hybrid model reflects commercial reality and allows NCM to deliver, today, a service model and coverage not otherwise available to our clients.

NCM has already joined with a number of Global Partners providing NCM access to world class technical resources at the highest level on a 24/7 basis. This combined service desk operation provides "follow the sun" resources which manages a team of over 2,000 engineers in more than 500 locations worldwide.

Our Global Partners include:

Multi Vendor Support Services (MVSS)  is a major provider of international IT support and has been for more than 12 years. Operations in India, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe, show MVSS is competing to become a key player on the world stage. Established in 2005 as a high level centre of excellence for world wide UNIX support, MVSS is one of the few organisations that can deliver those skills for top end UNIX multi vendor systems.

MVSS offers a broad range of support programs covering

•             HP, Sun/Oracle and IBM Enterprise Group,

•             Storage,

•             Networking Infrastructure

•             Distributed on site support

The MVSS business unit encompasses Level 2 & 3 support for server and storage hardware, technology consulting, and software sales. It offers business-critical and industry-standard data servers, network-attached storage (NAS) systems, storage management software, and magnetic tape systems.


Regional Systems Support (RSS) Like MVSS, RSS provide Distributed support services across the range of IT Infrastructure.


•             Provides on-site services Australia-wide for our ICT industry clients.

•             Services business premises our customers would otherwise find expensive and difficult to support directly.

•             Specialises in providing and coordinating skilled IT technicians, network cablers and electricians to represent our clients on-site throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Complementing  MVSS and providing support services across the range of IT Infrastructure both large server farms and distributed networks . RSS also provide a range of training services to end users and manufacturers.

RSS provides its support through approximately 280 offices and 1100 Experienced technicians. This extensive network is ready to action your requests on-demand, allowing rapid execution of tasks in the most-efficient, cost-effective manner.

Clients use RSS services to extend their support reach into other states, territories or trans-Tasman, and to supplement their internal technician base when skill-sets or large scale work requires additional temporary resources.